Director de Operaciones

Madrid   |   Jornada completa

The ideal candidate has a proven track record in a QSR or small/medium size restaurant chain, with proper exposure to its operations, supply chain, vendors, He or she will lead initiatives to generate more efficiency and profitability for our Cuyna-operated food delivery brands and coordinate a team of +30 (and growing) to effectively serve our hungry customers. From negotiating with food vendors to developing new quality procedures, the candidate will be in charge of making our food delicious, and efficient, and at the best price possible.

This candidate will be focused, strong on analytical and communication skills. They should be able to think critically when making plans and have a demonstrated ability to execute a particular strategy.


  • Coordinate our central HQ team and all of our cuyna chefs
  • Coordinate our brand launch schedule to grow at the pace
  • Quality and brand consistency accross our portfolio of 20+ brands
  • Cross utilization of ingredients and negotiation with suppliers and vendors


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • 3 - 4 years' prior experience in hospitality, QSR or restaurant chains
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven food-related knowledge and execution if 
  • Focused and goal-oriented

About Cuyna:

  • Founded by exDeliveroo Editions
  • Accelerated at Lanzadera
  • 1M EUR pre-seed
  • 2.5M EUR seed round

2021/22 Expansion Roadmap:

  • Valencia October 2020
  • Madrid 1: May 2021
  • Madrid 2: August 2021
  • Barcelona July 2021
  • Madrid 3: October 2021
  • Barcelona 2: September 2021
  • Murcia: January 2022
  • Madrid 4: March 2022

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